We’re very excited to announce that the Biomechanics team at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan was selected to present a portion of their research at the Orthopaedic Research Society 2015 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

This research, to be presented in March, was specifically conducted in order to perfect the safety of CrudeHands gloves. We partnered with Wayne State University because of their superior knowledge and research in the impact protection field. Specifically, because of their renowned research with airbags and crash dummy testing. Consequently, biomechanical research on hands had only been conducted in studies involving automatic car windows, until now.   We were excited to team up with Dr. King Yang and Dr. Paul Begeman to pioneer industrial hand injury research. Through expansive testing on human post-mortem (cadaver) specimens, drop tests, compression testing and the construction of surrogate hand models, Wayne State University was able to provide us with invaluable data detailing both how the human hand responds to oil and gas pinch points, as well as how our gloves stands up the competitors, by offering 100% more protection than impact gloves made with TPR (rubber bumpers). Wayne State concluded that the testing done on human post-mortem specimens and surrogates was a good method to use when researching finger protection performance of CrudeHands gloves. RPS Solutions and CrudeHands looks forward to our continuing research as we pave the way to fully understanding the human hand’s miraculous functionality.

Please read this article: http://www.crudehandsgloves.com/articles-news/ to learn more about Wayne State University’s preliminary findings. Visit us at http://www.crudehandsgloves.com for more detailed research conducted with WSU.

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