Since 1989, RPS SOLUTIONS has provided personal protective equipment to a variety of industries, including oil and gas, mining, railroads, and large retail chains.

As our name implies, RPS Solutions’ success with its customers comes from just that—solutions. Integral to our approach to customer needs and an ever-changing industry, RPS strives to create and improve innovative strategies ensuring employee safety and solving client problems. Our production staff works directly with your assigned RPS account executive to continuously improve our efficiency for your business and innovate new safety solutions.

We are your resource for far more than filling orders:
  • Our factory-direct business model is an efficient and cost-effective way to provide WHAT you need, WHERE you need it, and WHEN you need it. In short, we consider ourselves a supply-chain solution as much as a product solution.
  • We have created innovative strategies to offer a 3 to 11 business-day shipping strategy 

We propose we can efficiently and effectively provide high-quality PPE to employees across the country in industry-beating timeframes, and we can reduce your spend while doing so. RPS will streamline your work apparel management with a multi-faceted approach of:

  • employee web store administration
  • detailed forecasting
  • optional on-site inventory support to meet new hires’ needs
  • world-class customer service to bring these pieces together

Our strategy offers complete uniform program management that fulfills your employees’ ever-changing systems and needs. This includes creating and administering a custom web ordering platform at no additional cost.


RPS Solutions strives to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that empower us to grow strategically and together. Our attitude of continuous improvement is motivated by relentless discipline toward customer solutions—we have worked for over 30 years to develop customer PPE solutions. We propose to add value beyond cost-effective uniforms:
  • RPS Solutions preserves valuable time by linking its manufacturing and distribution into one business, creating, by far, the best delivery times in the industry, while maintaining some of the most competitive pricing offered.
  • RPS Solutions’ self-service web store enables employees to manage their own PPE while giving back valuable time to the field office and corporate staff.
  • We do not pass on any cost of web store administration or customer support to clients, as RPS considers this part of our uniform program management.
  • Use your web store as an additional, free platform for employee messaging for overall corporate safety initiatives.
  • We have recently updated our platform to be mobile-friendly, allowing for easy access while employees are in the field.
  • With a strategic partner as your uniform and PPE supplier rather than a company simply filling orders and checking boxes, you will have an innovative team continually seeking improvements and increased efficiencies on your behalf.