Game changing 5.4 oz FR fabric.

Polymerized by 

Solutions to Heat Stress

GridLock helps to solve the constant battle with heat exhaustion in hot temperatures.

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Fabric Composition

Cotton blend

High Strength Bio Materials

Moisture Wicking

Stay dry and cool in the summer heat.


Lightweight 5.4 oz fabric ensures air permeability.

UV Light Fastness

90% strength retention after (1 year) UV Exposure.

Ripstop Durability

Ripstop weave reinforces fabric durability.

Interested in GridLock?


Finally, someone is in the business of 'listening' and you did something to solve the problem of heat-stress.

Trial 1: HSE

If you want this trial GridLock coverall back, you are going to have to fight me for it. It is that good!


It's like wearing nothing at all in the hot summer heat. I feel a breeze in my FRC's.