When 'Safety' is involved, the 'Fabric' brand matters and since FR fabric is a critical factor in determining the amount of protection the garment will provide, end-users should take an active role in investigating and specifying the brand of fabric that is used to produce the finished garment.

Westex™ UltraSoft® 88% Pima Cotton, 12% High Tenacity Nylon

The UltraSoft® line of flame resistant fabrics is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high temperature industrial or home washing procedures. The fabric is engineered to focus the excellent abrasion resistance of the nylon on the outer surface to enhance garment wear life, while the cotton fibers are focused towards the skin to optimize comfort. In addition, UltraSoft® fabrics are engineered to have an extremely soft feel to further enhance the superior comfort properties of cotton. UltraSoft® fabrics are fully flame resistant and the 12% nylon actually enhances the protective performance in some cases, such as electric arc and flash fire exposures.


How Do Westex™ Fabrics Self Extinguish?

In Westex engineered fabrics, the flame retardant chemical impregnated in the core of the cotton fiber acts as a catalyst promoting the charring of the fabric. This accelerated charring prohibits the support of combustion by reducing the fuel source. The flame retardant chemical acts in the solid phase to produce this char. The mechanism of action is not based on a gaseous process of extinguishing or "snuffing out" the flame.

Westex™ guarantees the flame resistance of UltraSoft® fabrics for the life of the garment.

UltraSoft® brand fabrics have been designed to withstand the most rigorous industrial laundering conditions anticipated for proper cleaning of work clothing. However, it’s important to recognize that the thermal protective properties of any flame resistant fabric can be compromised by the presence of contaminants in the fabric from which the garment is made.

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